10 best travel backpacks for men

10 best travel backpacks for men


I only got into the backpack craze in college, when I started dating affluent international students who always looked like K-Pop idols ready for the red carpet. Mind you, it was a different time, and monograms like the interlocking “G” on your back kept us more alive and on the radar than being elected president of Alpha Phi Alpha. The pressure I felt to fit in! So I did my best to stock up: Off-White for lecture halls, Lululemon for the gym, Prada for after-school outings, Tumi for travel — and absolutely no mix.

Luckily, this paint-by-numbers approach was interrupted when I broke free from fashion and realized: hey, if there’s space and style, it can go anywhere. So I chose one with a large capacity to take it with me, well, everywhere. Needless to say, this was a travel backpack that values ​​form over function, but not by a long shot, as looks are always important.

I also go on a member to say that any on-the-go occasion requires a travel backpack, from commuting to the office to going through customs. It’s the U-Haul of accessories, spacious and sturdy. And the good thing is that you don’t always have to pack it to the brim. But not all backpacks are travel backpacks; you might think you could stroll downtown in a Jansport half-pint or Ferragamo leather goods store, but if you need a bottle of water, some snacks, and a warm cardigan for the flight, a travel backpack with extra capacity and compartments is even better.

So if you’re like me, someone who recognizes the compatibility of this travel gear with any mode of transport, from bikes to spaceships, for any occasion from a night at the Ritz or a weekend end in the backcountry, we’ve got 10 best travel backpacks for men to get you packing and moving.

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Best Budget Travel Backpack

Travel laptop backpack

  • Can slip on the luggage handle
  • Affordable

Lots of pockets? Check. Compatible with laptops? Check. Nice and solid? Check. Large main compartment? Check. Ideal for work as well as for a day trip through Europe? You bet.

Best Basic Travel Backpack

Hand travel backpack

  • Economic
  • cabin size
  • Large pockets and dividers

A life on the road is best when you master the basics before paddling out into the realm of stunts and features. While you certainly won’t be taking this travel backpack parading down the MGM lobby, for a casual weekend getaway, it’ll more than do the trick.

Best travel backpack for on the go

The ReNew Transit backpack

  • 27L capacity
  • Made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Water resistant finish

Everlane’s backpack will go well with an afternoon thinking about life on the subway or just strolling around the city. Not only does it simply look stylish, it’s sized to keep a laptop, water bottle, sunscreen, lunch box, wallet, and other things safe under the flap closure .

Best travel backpack for traveling light

Rover Classic Package

  • Sturdy nylon base
  • Good amount of pockets
  • Only 20L, not for long trips

You’ll probably want to pack some light for a climb in Yosemite or an adventure in Tongass. Clever. Leave the heavy lifting to style then, Topo Designs’ Rover Pack, with its color-blocked, vintage-inspired exterior, is perfect for a day enjoying Mother Nature.

Best Casual Travel Backpack

Little America Classic Backpack

  • 25L capacity
  • Recognizable
  • Doesn’t look so busy with pockets
  • Covering-all-your-back fat

More colors at Herschel

Herschel’s signature backpack is by no means “small”, we can tell you that. Plus, it’s actually a reinvented mountaineering backpack for casual everyday business. It’s pretty cool.

Best Travel Backpack for Packing Heavy

Approach Travel Pack

  • Packs away like a beast at 30L or 45L
  • Robust and durable
  • Quick access pockets

Oh, to carry 30 liters of good shit—45L if you want to rough it, wherever your road takes you. LLBean’s approach opens wide like luggage, has mesh sections like luggage, can hold clothes and toiletries like luggage. It’s like luggage! The kind you carry on your back, that is.

Best Travel Backpack for Adventurers

Wunderlust backpack

  • 25L capacity
  • Water repellent fabric
  • So many pockets, inside and out
  • Thin straps, plastic closure

Want to go deep into the woods to see unicorns? Or climb the Himalayas and come into contact with the Yeti? Or hike the John Muir Trail and befriend monkeys? Yes? Great. Do this. Just be sure to pack some survival gear in a backpack that looks and does the adventure part, like Lululemon’s Wunderlust.

Best Suitcase-Alternative Travel Backpack

Travel Kit 3

  • 35L capacity
  • Quick access pockets and smart interior
  • Can pack everything for a short trip
  • A bit heavy at 4.2 pounds

Businessman with platinum status always travels smart by ditching wheeled luggage to avoid baggage delay. To top it off, step into Aer’s Travel Pack, a suitcase-backpack hybrid. It has a flat main compartment, as well as top pockets for quick storage before TSA checks. All that’s missing are two wheels and a handle.

Most beautiful travel backpack

Enylon Mini Rogue 2.0 Utility Backpack

  • Made of 100% durable enylon
  • Spacious without looking bulky

Take and go your way, friends! But do it in style. This one fits the handsome but not ostentatious bill of a T. And there are so many interior and exterior compartments to really pack it.

Best Luxury Travel Backpack

Alpha 3 Brief Pack

  • Slips easily over the luggage handle
  • So many pockets inside and outside
  • Ideal for business trips
  • Expensive and a bit heavy

$595 at amazon

$595 at tumi

Tumi rules business travel, hence my choice for my first travel backpack. This is the one I would have had if I really wanted to shell out. It doesn’t just open, it opens out to reveal the true abundance of pockets here, there and, oh, there too.

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