DNABLOCK Raises $7 Million in Funding Round Led by Sfermion, Solana Ventures, Animoca Brands and Non-Fungible Labs

DNABLOCK Raises $7 Million in Funding Round Led by Sfermion, Solana Ventures, Animoca Brands and Non-Fungible Labs

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DNA BLOCKa company developing tools for creator communities in Web3’s new decentralized medium, today announced that it has closed its second $7 million funding round led by champions of blockchain gaming, NFT and metaverse Sfermion, Solana Ventures, Animoca brandsand Non-fungible laboratorieswith participation from a diverse group of investors in Web3, including SoftBank Group SB Opportunities Fund, LD Capital, Haobo Zhao, Digital CMT, Gaingels, RareBreed, Alumni companies, various angels, Fenwick and West, Figure 8 Investments and Bill Silva. Previous seed round investors include Twitch Co-Founder Kevin Lin, mike shinodaand Spacecadet Ventures.

The company will use these funds to scale and deploy REPLIKANT, its flagship technology offering, enabling key partners and creator communities to bring their characters to life. The end-to-end 3D virtual production tool enables a new class of creators – distributed, pseudo-anonymous teams of musicians, artists, writers, producers and directors – to create, perform and to publish at the speed of Web3. Additionally, DNABLOCK will establish a Los Angeles-based creator studio to launch new NFT talent and add several key leadership roles.

“We want people to feel something when they see their characters and NFTs come to life through REPLIKANT,” said DNABLOCK Co-Founder and CEO Anthony Kelani. The next great franchise won’t come top-down, fully formed and with fixed narratives. It’s going to come from the grassroots with stories that NFT communities write for themselves. I’m especially thrilled that it’s bringing out a new generation of stars from a much more diverse roster of creatives than we’ve seen in mainstream media.

REPLIKANT provides fully customizable AAA-quality 3D avatars, creator-friendly real-time animation tools that require no prior knowledge of 3D programming, and an expanding library of partner templates for music videos, cutscenes, and interactive experiences.

“When people started writing essays about the Metaverse two years ago, we were already building the tools to make it happen.” said DNABLOCK co-founder and CTO Luc Shugers. “It was clear from the start that procedurally generated avatars and animation were the future, so we assembled a team of game engine veterans with multiple AAA titles under their belts and got busy. Now, we have REPLIKANT, which provides solutions today, while others are playing catch-up.”

With this round, Scott Broock, who previously served as a global virtual reality evangelist for YouTube and executive vice president of digital strategy and innovation at Illumination, joins Kelani and Schurgers, as chief strategy officer. “The world is experiencing a fundamental shift in media from legacy film, TV and Web 2.0 to decentralized community IP in Web3, which is powered by blockchain technology,” Broock said. “With REPLIKANT, Luc and Anthony have built an incredible tool that unleashes massively collaborative creativity, and it’s the future of entertainment.”

Everything in REPLIKANT is composable and interoperable, which means that a character’s code or DNA can move from one REPLIKANT-powered world to another, enabling a decentralized network of interactive entertainment experiences where NFTs are the stars.

REPLIKANT is production ready and has been battle tested by some of the best creative teams in the world.

How it works: Massively collaborative creativity

With REPLIKANT, Web3 communities can now quickly create the characters and stories they want, no matter how weird, wild, and bespoke. At its heart, REPLIKANT is a procedural avatar and animation tool that harnesses the power of Epic’s Unreal Engine for a new generation of decentralized creators. The versatility of REPLIKANT and procedural animation allows entire scenes to be shared, remixed and remastered in real time by distributed teams of musicians, artists, writers, producers, editors and directors. NFT partner communities have free access to REPLIKANT and gain access to an ever-expanding marketplace for wardrobe, props, scenes, scenes, camera moves and interactive experiences.

Most recent works

To demonstrate how quickly REPLIKANT can create content at Web3 speed, DNABLOCK released an original real-time death metal music video last December that mixed Bored Ape Yacht Club member Indigo Herz, Punk Gmoney and Punk Courtney. , all dressed in the Adidas Originals NFT sportswear that had been released to the public a few days before. More recently, DNABLOCK used REPLIKANT to create “The Catalyst”, an all-female NFT supergroup from the world of Treasure, one of the fastest growing metaverses on the Arbitrum blockchain. Artists, producers and performers from around the world worked in real time to create a music video titled “Welcome to Bridgeworld” that celebrated the official lore posted to the Treasure community three days before the video was released. New videos featuring some of Web3’s most exciting NFT characters and communities are already in the works and will be released in the coming weeks.

Death Metal video:

Welcome to Bridgeworld Video:

Business testimonial


“The power and simplicity of REPLIKANT’s tools are poised to upgrade an industry of Web3 creators,” said Dan Patterson, General Partner at Sfermion. “Code-free Unreal animation, nearly limitless libraries, and AI-enabled content generation make REPLIKANT the perfect platform to bring native NFT and Metaverse content to life.”

Solana Ventures

“DNABLOCK’s technology will catalyze the next wave of immersive social experiences and entertainment through high-quality 3D tools,” said Matthew Beck, Partner at Solana Ventures. “We’re excited about the many apps that will now be unlocked for creators and users on Solana.”

Soft Bank

“As the future of Web3 builds, it’s important that all creators have access to best-in-class tools,” said Shu Nyatta, Managing Partner, SoftBank Group International. “DNABLOCK is uniquely positioned to be a driving force. We are excited to invest in the platform they are building and support their mission. »

Animoca brands

“DNABLOCK’s powerful new REPLIKANT tool enables massively collaborative creativity on a global scale and paves the way for democratized and decentralized Web3 entertainment,” said Robby Yung, CEO of Animoca Brands. “We strongly believe in the vision of an open metaverse that empowers users themselves to power rich narratives and deep immersion.”

Non-fungible laboratories

“We are thrilled to invest in the DNABLOCK team,” said Aaron McDonald, co-founder of Non-Fungible Labs. “Their vision of rich, dynamic and open metaverse content is close to our hearts. We don’t just invest; we also create with their tools that will allow us to go faster and stay at the forefront of metaverse innovation. We’re already developing some exciting and innovative game-changing concepts together in the Metaverse, so stay tuned for more!


“Gaingels is proud to be part of DNABLOCK’s latest seed round and its vision for an open and representative metaverse,” said Lorenzo Thione, CEO of Gaingels.


DNABLOCK empowers the world’s greatest creative minds and storytellers to bring their stories to life with REPLIKANT, a massively collaborative creativity tool for Web3. REPLIKANT enables distributed teams to create bespoke, high-quality avatars, videos, games, and even movie-quality productions in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional animation and visual effects studios.

This pipeline, combined with advanced machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing and sentiment analysis, is our recipe for engaging, real-time, interactive digital beings and the future of entertainment. immersive. For more, follow DNABLOCK on:



Twitter: @dnablock

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