JOURNEY Releases ‘You Got The Best Of Me’ Music Video


legendary rockers JOURNEY released the official video of “You have the best of me”. The song is taken from the band’s upcoming album, “Freedom”which will arrive on July 8 via GMB except in Europe and Japan, where it will be issued via Frontiers Music Srl.

Emerging from the pandemic with a new lineup of supercharged studios, the “You have the best of me” will be followed by an epic 15-track set of new original songs that bring back the band’s greatest moments on a grand scale, along with bold new directions and updated sounds.

While the next album was made with visions of arenas and stadiums, it started with humble beginnings. In 2020, as COVID-19 swept the world, founding member, guitarist, songwriter and producer Neal Schon was stuck at home like all of us. “During the pandemic, there wasn’t much to do,” he says. “I spent a lot of time in my little studio at home, learning to play the keyboard and doing loops. Some of those ideas ended up becoming songs. So it just came out of nowhere.”

As JOURNEYThe legend continues to grow and their tour expands, “Freedom” will be the first album of new material to be released in 11 years, since 2011 “Eclipse”and in addition to longtime keyboardist and lead lyricist Jonathan Cain and singer Arnel Pinedaanother member has been recruited for the next album — bassist extraordinaire Randy Jacksonwho had played JOURNEYthe 1986 scrapbook “Raised on the Radio”.

“Freedom” track list:

01. Together we run (4:49)
02. Don’t forsake us (5:23)
03. Always believe in love
04. you have the best of me (5:33)
05. Live to love again (5:30)
06. The way we were (3:35)
07. Come with me (4:02)
08. After the glow (5:22)
09. let it rain (4:40)
ten. Hold on (3:14)
11. All day All night (3:38)
12. Do not leave (4:58)
13. United we stand (5:05)
14. Life goes on (4:57)
15. beautiful as you are (7:10)

JOURNEYCurrent tour lineup includes bassist Todd Jensena veteran musician who has played for various artists, including bands AFTER, HARD LINE and HARLOWas good as David Lee Roth, Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Perry, Alice Cooper and Paul Rodgers. is also part of JOURNEYThe current incarnation of is the comeback drummer Deen Castronovowho shared the band’s drums last year with Narada Michael Walden. Walden, jackson and keyboardist/backing vocalist Jason Derlatka all joined JOURNEY in 2020 following the band’s acrimonious split with drummer Steve Smith and bassist Ross Valory. jackson – who has already played with JOURNEY in the mid-1980s – was forced to miss all recent gigs because he was apparently recovering from back surgery. Prior to JOURNEYthe recent residence in Las Vegas, jackson had been replaced during the group’s concerts in 2021 by Marco Mendozawho had played several shows in 2019 with Castronovo and Schon under the “Neal Schon’s Time Travel” banner.

“Freedom” includes the single “The Way We Were”which was released in June 2021. The song was the multi-platinum group’s first new music since the 2011 album “Eclipse”and the first track released by the band’s revamped lineup. “The Way We Were” Mark Walden and Derlatkafirst studio recordings with the band, and jacksonis the first since 1986 “Raised on the Radio”. The song was produced by Walden to his Tarpan Studioswith a co-production by Schon and keyboard player Jonathan Cain.

Since the formation of the group in 1973, JOURNEY earned 19 top 40 singles, 25 gold and platinum albums, and sold nearly 100 million albums worldwide. Their “Greatest Hits” album is certified 15 times platinum, which makes JOURNEY one of the few groups to have been certified diamond, and their song “Do not stop Believing” has been streamed over a billion times alone.

JOURNEY was inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017, and the 2018 co-headlining tour with DEF LEPPARD was the band’s most successful tour to date, placing them in the Top 10 year-end tours with over a million tickets sold, and earning them the prestigious “Legends Of Live” Billboard tour price. March 2019 saw the release of “Escape & Frontiers Live In Japan”a live DVD/CD set of their concert at the Budokan in Tokyo featuring the band’s very first performances from the albums “Escape” and “Borders” in their entirety. JOURNEY also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and were inducted into Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame. Additionally, the group is the subject of the award-winning documentary “Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey” about the resurgence of the group when adding Arnel Pineda as lead singer after founding member Neal Schon discovered the native of the Philippines on Youtube.

last august, Schon gave a simulcast interview on college radio WMSC and WNUW where he discussed the progress of the writing and recording sessions for the band’s upcoming studio album. He said: “I learned to play the keyboard better than ever during the pandemic, which I had never really done before. And that’s when our first single [‘The Way We Used To Be’] came from. [I sent it to] jonathan [Cain, keyboards], and he did the lyrics on it and put a rough vocal on it. And then we had Arnel sing it, and we cut and recut it in the studio, and it just came out. And a lot of people went, ‘Wow, man. I love it.’ 90 percent of people love it; the remaining 10% said, “I don’t think that sounds like JOURNEY.’ I go, ‘I’ve never written to be a JOURNEY song.'”

According Schonhe and his bandmates had written over 30 new songs for the next JOURNEY registration. “Some of them are unmistakably JOURNEY without sounding like another song we have; it just sounds like a new version of the band,” he said. “It’s ballistic, man. And the guitar is not missing on this disc. So I’m glad it’s coming out. I think any guitarist is going to love this record, because I go wild on this record – like I do a lot live, but sometimes I hold back in the studio. I don’t think it’s about guitar ODing and going overboard at all, but I like to check out the times and where I see the music going. I usually have a pretty good instinct about it, and I feel like I’m in the late 60s era and early era Jeff Beck with Rod Stewart and [LED] ZEPPELIN when they first came out, jimi hendrixthe CREAM with [Eric] Clapton and Jack Bruce and ginger baker, this whole era, there are a lot of young children, the younger generation, who have never lived through this era. So I feel like that’s the era that I grew up in and that’s what I really like to do and the type of music that I like to play, so I’m going there more and I write for that, to be able to do that on stage. And I think it’s going to really trip some people up, when we finally get this album out and we can combine it with all the hits we have. »

He continued, “There are certain songs that are mixed by Bob Clearmountainwhich mixed our “Raised on the Radio” record, and he made it sound really amazing, he really put it together. You sometimes have mixers that have this amazing ability to take the work that you’ve done throughout a year, even if it was recorded at different times, and different sounds here and there, and they bring it all together and make it sound like it’s a tight album that emphasizes the sound.”

Neal added: “The whole album, there’s no filler on the record; that’s what I can tell you. I watch it, and I listen to it now, and a lot of others who have known our music for a long time who have very good ears said, ‘Look, this is the modern day ‘Escape’. I think this could be next ‘Escape’ for you guys.’ And I think that’s a bold statement, but honest to God, I feel like it’s so good.”