Music to our ears! Mississauga amplifies the music sector with its first-ever music strategy – City of Mississauga

Music to our ears!  Mississauga amplifies the music sector with its first-ever music strategy – City of Mississauga

Today in General Committee, the City of Mississauga shared its first-ever Music Strategy: 2022-2026, which identifies 32 key actions to support the growth and development of Mississauga’s music industry. This strategy is the first of its kind for the City.

“Mississauga is working to put our name on the map as ‘Music City,’ and this strategy is a big step in helping us get there. Our city is home to diverse, world-class talent and great live music, which positions us in an optimal place for growth, tourism and job creation,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “We have before us a unique opportunity to become an internationally renowned musical talent incubator and a national hub for music events and festivals. I’m excited to support this strategy as we pave the way to becoming a recognized destination for the music industry and begin performing live shows and events again.

The music strategy advances the recommendations of the city-endorsed Culture Master Plan, Creative Industries Strategy and Economic recovery plan – Creative industries. These documents underscore the need for targeted actions to support Mississauga’s growing music sector. The strategy offers 13 recommendations and 32 actions over the next five years and includes economic recovery plans for musicians and businesses emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic. Its guiding principles include:

  • Amplifying Mississauga Artists: creating opportunities for employment, professional development and promotion within and beyond Mississauga’s borders
  • Create an environment conducive to live music: making the city an attractive location for live music events, festivals and concert venues – where artists choose to perform and where businesses operate
  • Support underrepresented individuals and groups: improve equity and inclusion within the city’s music sector, using the power of music to build a strong and resilient community
  • Celebrating Mississauga’s History and Success: recognize the achievements of local musicians, industry leaders and institutions to maximize tourism potential and raise the profile of Mississauga’s music sector

“We are proud to launch this made in Mississauga strategy and bring music to new levels in our city; this strategy lays the foundation for long-term growth over the next five years. As a city, we recognize the many benefits of a vibrant music economy,” said Jodi Robillos, Commissioner, Community Services. “We know the music industry needs targeted support. We have a large and diverse talent pool, a wide range of musical productions, great spaces to share and enjoy music, and plenty of training and professional development opportunities. Harnessing these economic and cultural advantages has inspired us to develop our own unique strategy to support and grow Mississauga’s music sector.

In July 2019, the City committed to developing and supporting its music sector outlined in its Creative Industries Strategy by opening its Music Office, which included hiring full-time staff dedicated to sector development. .

The framework for the strategy was developed with significant community and industry input, including:

  • Stakeholder and community engagement sessions
  • Music Strategy Survey
  • Organize internal consultations with stakeholders and the music industry

The city’s music strategy will be presented to council on June 8 for approval.

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Left to right: Paul Damaso, Demetrius Nath (Mississauga Music), Sonja Banic, Corey Poole, Luna Elle (R&B singer/songwriter), Gil Moore (Founder of Metalworks, Triumph), Mayor Crombie, Lincoln Blache (Made in Sauga ), Councilor Dasko and Carmen Ford

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